Jennie BLACKPINK Love Story: Dating

Jennie BLACKPINK Love Story: Dating

As a K-Pop fan, you’ll enter a world full of songs, dancing, and sometimes a little romance. Even Jennie BLACKPINK Love Story could possible. Jennie BLACKPINK, who is the bravest member of the group, knows this all too well. Let’s look more closely at her dating life, where love and fame meet.

Jennie BLACKPINK Love Story: The Problem with Dating

Jennie BLACKPINK Love Story: Dating

Imagine that you were trying to hide your love life, but fans caught a glimpse and made it into a huge drama. When K-pop stars like Jennie go on dates, it’s not all rainbows and butterflies. Dealing with strong rumors and, sadly, even death threats is part of the job. Why? Because K-pop can be a very stressful world.

The World of BLACKPINK: Rules and Bans

That same year, BLACKPINK told JYP’s Party People the truth about a “dating ban” put in place by their company, YG Entertainment. Not only that, but they also can’t smoke, drink, go to clubs, get tattoos, or have facial surgery. But there is a way out: Yang Hyun-Suk, the former CEO of YG Entertainment, must give his permission. The big question is whether the rule on dating will still be in place in 2022.

The Bold Move of Jennie

Jennie is not only BLACKPINK’s fiercest artist, she’s also the only member who has been seen dating in public. In 2018, the world learned about her relationship with Kai from EXO. In October, two different romantic photos of the Eiffel Tower started the rumors. The news went viral in 2018, and people want to know what happened.

Jennie BLACKPINK Love Story: Kai and Jennie’s Story Breakup

That they were dating was revealed by Kai’s management company, SM Entertainment. But by January 2019, they were no longer together. They said it was because of their busy schedules, and they decided to stay friends. A sad finish to a love story in K-pop.

Jennie BLACKPINK Love Story: Three Loves in K-Pop

There were other guys she liked besides Kai. There were rumors in 2021 that she was dating G-Dragon, the “King of K-Pop” from Big Bang. But by May 2022, breakup reports were going around because G-Dragon stopped following Jennie on Instagram. The reasons for the breakup are still unknown.

V and Jennie: Riding in Mystery Together

In May 2022, pictures of Jennie and BTS’s V driving together on Jeju Island led to new reports that they were dating. Like always, YG Entertainment put out a statement that didn’t confirm or deny the rumors.

The Dream Power Couple

Imagine the ideal K-pop power couple: two members of the biggest groups that have ever been together. Fans of the show can’t help but dream about it. As of right now, Jennie hasn’t said anything about the reports that she is dating G-Dragon or V. The story keeps going.

To sum up, K-pop love stories are like a roller coaster, with lots of ups and downs. With all the attention, meeting in public is both exciting and hard for Jennie. Will more idols break the rules about dating, or will the K-Pop business continue to shape their love lives? The next part of these music stars’ love stories will only be revealed in time.